SEEKERS & Data That Suggests They are Turning Away from Churches for Help: Googling for God

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: This morning’s New York Times article points out that Google searches for God’s existence are up in the first half of this decade. But Google searches for churches are down 15% in the same period. Seems like seekers are turning away from our churches as a place to find help. Take notice!

Googling for God

by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, New York Times, 9/18/15.

IT has been a bad decade for God, at least so far. Despite the rising popularity of Pope Francis, who was elected in 2013, Google searches for churches are 15 percent lower in the first half of this decade than they were during the last half of the previous one. Searches questioning God’s existence are up. Many behaviors that he supposedly abhors have skyrocketed. Porn searches are up 83 percent. For heroin, it’s 32 percent.

How are the Ten Commandments doing? Not well. “Love thy neighbor” is the most common search with the word “neighbor” in it, but right behind at No. 2 is “neighbor porn.” The top Google search including the word “God” is “God of War,” a video game, with more than 700,000 searches per year. The No. 1 search that includes “how to” and “Walmart” is “how to steal from Walmart,” beating all questions related to coupons, price-matching or applying for a job…

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