DISCIPLESHIP & Michael Breen on Outward Focus of Discipleship #KillerApp

Anglican 1000 – Michael Breen on Outward Focus of Discipleship, by Mike Breen, Dallas, http://www.anglicansunited.com/?p=12543, March 7, 2012

PLANO, TEXAS—One of the marvels of today is anything Apple. Steve Jobs and his killer apps for his Apple operating system. In coding language, GUI= Graphical User Interface. This interface makes the operating system available for the average user.

What is the operating system of Jesus? What is his programming language? The Bible. He was always referring to the Scriptures. “Verily, verily” was a reinforcement of the usual text. This afternoon, I am going to talk about the Scriptures as a programming language written in a binary code. It is the invitation to relationship with God and the responsibility of taking that relationship seriously and productively.

The Operating System is discipleship. How does he do this? He calls people to follow him; come walk with me and be my disciples. He talks about discipleship all the time. His operating system is making disciples. The GUI – graphic interface – is imprinting stories on the minds of those he is teaching, using rabbinical teaching methods.

What is the killer app? The Church.

99% of all clergy in the Ang. Communion have a different operating system. Jesus made disciples first and then got the church.

We try to build the church and then make disciples. It is very hard and not very productive. We are not submitted to the methodology of Christ, the Lordship, yes, but the methodology, no. It is unmistakable. We try to make/build the church first and then made disciples.

A disciple can be described in plain language as a person identified with the character and competency of Christ. But here’s the thing. Our methodology is more defined by the enlightenment than by Scripture. It is important for disciples to have the right information. Tremendously important that having the right information, we give them the freedom to innovate. Have a go at it.

But the means by which we get to innovation is not from information but from imitation. 1 Corinthians 4: 14. “Disciple” as a word disappears from New Testament after Acts 21st chapter. Discipleship is the great commission. No doubt that this is what Jesus wants us to do. And commands us to do it. So, why does word disciple disappear? Why? By the time we get to Galatians, the Church has travelled beyond the cultural heartland of the Holy Land. The picture, the guiding metaphor of rabbi and disciple no longer works. Who is it in Corinth? A foreigner with a n unusual haircut. That’s how they saw the disciple that came to teach and lead them. The Socratic method is familiar, but Paul has to develop a guide for the next generation. The method Paul develops is the method of the parent and the child. The leaders are to function as spiritual parents. Paul describes as non-gender specific language as father-mother and from this metaphor of discipleship, he reinforces what a discipling relationship is. Sosthenese was the synagogue ruler in Corinth. He was seized and beaten by the mob in the presence of Gallio , the Roman governor, when he refused to proceed against Paul at the instigation of the Jews (Acts 18:12-17). This event led him on journey toward Jesus. Comes to Paul for teaching and Paul says, “I am sending you my son, Timothy…”

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