STRESS & Research Shows Count Your Blessings Daily to Overcome It

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: We all sense that focusing on the positive will reduce stress. But researchers writing in the Academy of Management Journal found that even just “counting your blessings at the end of day” can improve employee morale, alleviate stress, increase productivity and make a happier workplace. Here is the abstract and a link to download the full article.

Building Positive Resources: Effects of Positive Events and Positive Reflection on Work Stress and Health


  1. Joyce E. Bono1,
  2. Theresa M. Glomb2,
  3. Winny Shen3,
  4. Eugene Kim4 and
  5. Amanda J. Koch5
  1. 1University of Florida
  2. 2University of Minnesota
  3. 3University of South Florida
  4. 4Georgia Institute of Technology
  5. 5Human Resources Research Organization


This three-week longitudinal field study with an experimental intervention examines the association between daily events and employee stress and health, with a specific focus on positive events. Results suggest that both naturally occurring positive work events and a positive reflection intervention are associated with reduced stress and improved health, though effects vary across momentary, lagged, daily, and day-to-evening spillover analyses. Findings are consistent with theory-based predictions: positive events, negative events, and family-to-work conflict independently contribute to perceived stress, blood pressure, physical symptoms, mental health, and work detachment, suggesting that organizations should focus not only on reducing negative events, but also on increasing positive events. These findings show that a brief, end-of-workday positive reflection led to decreased stress and improved health in the evening.


  • © Academy of Management Journal
  1. Published online before print September 6, 2012, doi: 10.5465/amj.2011.0272 ACAD MANAGE J December 1, 2013 vol. 56 no. 6 1601-1627

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