STUDENT SUCCESS & Our Chaplains Are on Call for Students at SpiritCare

by Bob Whitesel, DMin., Ph.D., 8/29/15.

There are times when we all students (and professors) get frustrated, hurt and/or feeling like we just need to talk to someone. As a professor I would love to fulfill that role for my students, but my expertise is in other areas and there are just too many students.

Thus, at Wesley Seminary at IWU have a great team of chaplains who can offer pastoral counseling for our online and onsite students. This ministry is called “SpiritCare” and it is offered to all Wesley Seminary students.

Here is their contact info:

Online, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky
John Wrightsman
800-621-8667 x 1182

Online, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky
Bob Burchell.
800-621-8667 x 2359

Marion and onsite:
Ron Forsythe
765-251-3222 cell

These chaplains will be confidential, encouraging and insightful. So, if you are a student and going need to talk to someone, contact these are chaplains who can offer an ear and encouragement. In fact, I think we ought to call this our “Barnabas Ministry” for these chaplains are gifted encouragers 🙂