AUDIO FEEDBACK & How I Give My Students Feedback and Their Grades

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 8/27/15.

I’ve found that my students appreciate “audio notes”  about their homework.  By recording an audio note they can hear the enthusiasm in my voice regarding their hard work,

Students and faculty often wonder how do I do this?

1) My Schedule:  I take off Saturday and Sunday to be with my family and to conduct church growth/health consultations for churches. Thus, I usually won’t have student postings graded until Monday or Tuesday.

2)  Recording an audio note: To help students score better I will weekly send them audio feedback. Sending my weekly feedback via an audio file usually helps the student to “hear” my thoughts (and enthusiasm) about their homework.  I use the “Memo” application on my iPhone to send them my analysis.

3)  Late papers: But there are times when students need to submit work late (though I only deduct 2% a day).  Submitting homework late is fine, but students understand that I can’t get late homework back into my grading lineup, and thus I won’t be able to give them audio feedback.

4) Listening to the audio note:  For students to listen to your audio feedback they will need to download a program called “QuickTime” on your computer (there is a version for PC or Mac). Most newer computers will have this already installed. But, if theirs does not, they can download a free copy by following these steps:

a. Go to the download site:

b. Click on the button that says “QuickTime: Free for Mac + PC”

Of all of the pedagogical tools I use to help students, they rave about audio feedback the most. This of course will depend on the professor’s traits and abilities. But for me and my students, we will utilize audio feedback.