FOLLOWERSHIP & How to Create Willing Followers #video #BBC

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 8/25/15.

Greg Dyke was the popular CEO of the BBC, and it was because he was an excellent manager and leader. He took over the BBC when it was a tradition-bound organization that burned out people (sound familiar anyone šŸ˜‰

His success was because he embodies the best qualities of a strategic leader and a tactical manger.

  • He understands about leadership when he talks about “Why leadership is irrelevant if you don’t have theĀ right strategy!”
  • And, he understands management when he talks about “How to hireĀ people with low budgets!”

Both strategic leadership and tactical management skills helped him turn around the BBC from a stodgy, old media channel into the UKā€™s primary media force.

Watch this short (5 min.) video: