LEADERSHIP & The Differences Between Transformational Change and Transformative Learning

Processes of Transformational Change and Transformative Learning

by Paul R. Scheele Ph.D., 7/14.

The word “transformation” is frequently used, but often without much deep understanding of what it means, especially in terms of our everyday interactions and organizational behaviors. This article will help you become conversant in the latest thinking regarding this important topic.

Defining Transformation

Dr. Paul R. Scheele Leading transformation and change through learning image of human figure in red moving through doorway with the word change over it and transforming into human figure in white…Transformational change is the process of altering the basic elements of an organization’s culture, including the norms, values, and assumptions under which the organization functions. (By contrast, transactional change refers to the modification and redesign of the processes and systems in which interactions within the organization take place.) This kind of change affects the way people within the organization perceive their roles, responsibilities, and relationships. And it is precisely this change in individual perceptions that lead to change in behaviors within the organization.

Transformative learning is the process through which transformational change happens. Jack Mezirow, long considered the first major proponent of the field, defined transformative learning this way:

“Transformative learning is learning that transforms problematic frames of reference—sets of fixed assumptions and expectations (habits of mind, meaning perspectives, mindsets)—to make them more inclusive, discriminating, open, reflective, and emotionally able to change. Such frames of reference are better than others because they are more likely to generate beliefs and opinions that will prove more true or justified to guide action.” (2003, pp. 58-59)…

Mezirow, J. (2000). Learning to think like an adult: Core concepts of transformation theory. In J. Mezirow & Associates (Eds.), Learning as transformation: Critical perspectives on a theory in progress (pp. 3-33). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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