WESLEY SEMINARY & 5 Must-Read Tips About How We Are Building An Identity (and you can too)

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 2/25/15.

In an article in Forbes Magazine (Forbes Magazine, 2/2/15), David Lariviere outlines five steps to building an identity for your organization. It applies well to Christian organizations, as my friend retired Major George Hood has done for the Salvation Army. Below I have given examples of how these five steps apply to ministry, by describing how we are doing it at Wesley Seminary.

1) Build a brand you’re passionate about. All of us at Wesley Seminary are excited about the idea of making more effective ministers in the Body of Christ. Our purpose is to introduce more people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through more effective Christians. We all have spent many years in seminary and graduate schools which has made us passionate about what they do and about doing it better.

2). Be your brand’s biggest advocate. We enjoy wearing Wesley Seminary polo shirts, sweatshirts and logos as well as having Wesley Seminary stickers on our cars and even computers. We want everyone to know we are passionate about this new model of seminary education.

3) Find investors that are both an industry and a cultural fit. To illustrate this I will discuss our faculty. Not only do we look for faculty members who are respected throughout their disciplines, but also we look for those fit our culture. We often say, “Who would we enjoy having lunch with?” This has created a high degree of community among our faculty.

4) Know your weaknesses and be honest. Here at Wesley Seminary we realize we must constantly train and improve our adjunct teachers. These are people who are often extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but because there is a rotating pool educating them is a major part of our efforts. In addition, advertising is something for which we do not have a lot of dollars. So we encourage our students, adjuncts and faculty to spread the news about the exciting work we are doing.

5) Engage a philanthropic component. Every organization should make sure it is primarily serving others and not serving itself. We are reminded daily of this, as we seek to utilize God’s word and the history of His Holy Spirit moving in people’s lives, to equip tomorrow’s world changers.

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5 Must-Read Tips For Building A Brand, by David Lariviere, Forbes Magazine, 2/2/15.