EVALUATION & One Big Reason You Might Not Learn From Your Mistakes #HindsightBias #IncMagazine

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “Hindsight bias is a phenomena whereby our memories of how we handled things in the past – are not often very accurate. This article cites research on hindsight bias which discovered, “We look back at the past and, no matter what we thought of things at the time, suddenly after the fact we’re sure we saw it coming” (p. 2). Hindsight bias reminds leaders that we think we are better than we are at forecasting problems. In hindsight, we often think we saw problems coming, when usually we were still blindsided. So don’t be overly confident in your ability to forecast the future, based on the past. You probably didn’t see past problems coming, nearly as clearly as you thought you did.”

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