BIBLE & Top Bible Websites, Plain and Simple #DJChuang

by DJ Chuang, 9/20/14.

… The most valuable resource for all humanity has become that much more accessible through the Internet! … the 20 most popular Bible websites with a very brief description:

  1. – providing the Bible online for over 20 years, currently with over 70 languages and 180 versions (a division of The Zondervan Corporation)
  2. – provides quick access to many Bible versions and multiple languages, topical studies, interlinears, sermons, commentaries (a production of the Online Parallel Bible Project)
  3. – with multiple Bible versions in English and a large resource library for in-depth Bible study (Salem Web Network)
  4. – the King James version of the Bible; the most popular website for the most popular version
  5. – home for YouVersion and the Bible app (
  6. – home of the NET Bible (New English Translation), “where the world comes to study the Bible”
  7. – with multiple versions of the Bible, linked with Bible-centered study aids and courses (a ministry of Sowing Circle)
  8. – “Bible Study Online” (a service of Faithlife / Logos Bible Software)
  9. – “a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life,” links to
  10. – English Standard Version of the Bible by Crossway—an “essentially literal” translation of the Bible in contemporary English
  11. – the Bible and prayer resources used in the Church of England and in the wider Anglican Communion and elsewhere
  12. – EasyEnglish is clear and simple English (vocabulary with a smaller word count), developed by MissionAssist
  13. – “eBible aims to capture all the answers, to all the questions, about all the verses in the Bible.”
  14. – “Bringing the Bible to everyone in the world in their heart language, in text and audio, free of charge”, a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing
  15. – the Bible in English and Chinese (GB and Big5)
  16. – Bible website with “Zip Search With AutoComplete,” part of the suite
  17. – nice visually-designed online Bible and Bible verses with Facebook covers and images for social sharing
  18. – links to an online study Bible by Digital Bible Society with robust UX and other Bible resources
  19. – provides the King James Bible in HTML, viewable and downloadable, by
  20. – many Bible versions and languages, with desktop and mobile websites, provided by American Bible Society, and free Bible tools (widget, highlighter, API) to bring the Bible to your audiences

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