MULTIPLICATION & Igniting a Multiplication Culture in Your Church #Exponential

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “Todd Wilson gets it right: church multiplication means multiplying cultures (i.e a multiplication culture) rather then just trying to only expand one culture (an addition culture). Wilson primarily focuses on “external church planting” but his tactics are identical to starting multiple-sites, multiple-campuses and multiple-venues (as long as the multiplication of cultures is the goal). Get a free download of this concise, but good, overview of the multiplication process.”


by Todd Wilson

In this FREE resource, Exponential Director Todd Wilson presses into Exponential’s 2015 theme, “SPARK: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication,” to give church leaders a vision for reproducing churches and the tools needed to see that vision come to fruition…

He offers an exploration of what Scripture says about God’s command to multiply and out of that scriptural study comes fresh insight as he contends that the U.S. church needs both addition (what he calls the micro strategy of adding disciples one on one, and life on life) and multiplication (the macro strategy of reproducing churches). He writes: “We must purpose to continually ask ourselves, ‘How do we help everyone in our church reach their ‘next one’? while simultaneously asking, ‘How do we release and send people to reach the next 100,000?’”

Finally, SPARK identifies and examines 18 of the very real tensions that inhibit multiplication, pointing out that how church leaders face and maneuver through these tensions might be the most significant blessings that shape their church’s culture and DNA… Download your FREE copy here.

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