PRIVILEGE & Blind to White Privilege and Blinded by White Privilege: Williams’ Response to O’Reilly

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: Last week I spoke at a conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I was impressed with their faculty and even more so by this logical response to Bill O’Reilly by Associate Professor for New Testament Interpretation Jarvis J. Williams, Ph.D.

By Jarvis J. Williams, Ph.D.

….O’Reilly’s analysis failed to see a crucial point: he thinks the way he thinks about white privilege, right down to the way that he interprets the statistical data to support his thesis against white privilege, because he is a white man who benefits from white privilege.

The Reality of White Privilege

In my view, O’Reilly’s memo did not prove the non-existence of white privilege. Instead, he simply supported that some African-Americans have often made bad decisions and those bad decisions have resulted in a disadvantaged social experience. Even if O’Reilly’s data were correct—but I must admit that I’m skeptical in light of Charles Blow’s, a New York Times columnist, immediate response to O’Reilly in his column—white privilege could (and does) co-exist alongside of the statistical data that O’Reilly presented to argue his thesis against white privilege…

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