SOCIAL MEDIA & An Interview w/ Jay Kranda who runs 167 online worship services for #SaddlebackChurch

by DJ Chuang, 9/9/14

“Listen in on a face-to-face conversation with Jay Kranda, Online Campus Pastor ofSaddleback Church, and host DJ Chuang on this episode of Social Media Church. Jay shares about the lessons learned in pastoring an Online Campus, running 167 online worship services every week (that’s almost one every hour on the hour), how they make online-to-offline connections through Extensions, sneak preview about future developments, and more…”

Social Media Church podcast

conversations with church leaders about social media

Jay Kranda of Saddleback Church: Episode 98

September 9, 2014

Podcast: Download (Duration: 47:30 — 21.7MB)

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