WAR & Can It Be Fought For Noble Purposes? What #CSLewis and #JRRTolkien think.

Of Hobbits, Narnia and Postwar Belief

by Loconte, Joseph, Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition [New York, N.Y] 08 Aug 2014: A.11.

Abstract (summary)

Many of the 400 postwar memoirs and novels from the 1920s and 1930s are profoundly pessimistic, focusing on the cruelty and senselessness of World War I. Erich Remarque, in his novel “All Quiet on the Western Front,” spoke for many: “Now if we go back we will be weary, broken, burnt out, rootless and without hope.” Every combatant nation in World War I abandoned moral qualms and used any weapon at hand to obliterate the enemy