MULTIPLICATION & What 7 Rapidly Growing Churches Are Learning About Multisite

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This article posits important questions that every church much consider before going multi-site. This is because a multi-site strategy can often be implemented for selfish reasons rather than kingdom purposes. Be sure to ask yourself these four questions before you go multi-site.”

Article by Tim Nations, 6/5:14

“…topics related to launching and sustaining new sites, including:

  • Drivers for launching new campuses. Do you have an overcrowded campus or an underserved community?
  • Questions to ask (and answer) before launching a campus. Are your current campuses experiencing conversion growth or just transfer growth?
  • Key considerations for new campuses. What degree of alignment are you expecting?
  • Critical success factors for new campuses. Do you have the growth, talent, location, and buy-in for success?”

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