ENTREPRENEURSHIP & Isn’t It at an All-Time High? Nope. Not Even Close

by Erik Sherman, Inc. Magazine, 5/8/14.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “Before 2008 there were more businesses started than were closed. However in 2008 the reverse became true, and more businesses were closed than launched. This would be interesting research to apply to church multiplication. Are more church plants being planted today than are closing? And how does the multi-site and multi-venue church affect this? The researchers insinuate that entrepreneurship is still alive but that entrepreneurs are seeking the stability and economy of scale of large companies. In other words entrepreneurs are staying within their companies and not creating independent start ups. Might this be the reason for the rise of the multi-site church? And could the multi-venue church be another example of this? Read this article and ask yourself if it doesn’t demand we keep better track of the longevity of our church multiplication efforts. (This research article compares the number of businesses that start with the number of businesses that close. Businesses that start are called business entries. When a business closes it’s called a business exit. This has been tracked for more than 30 years. 30 years ago there were more businesses being started than there were folding. But in 2008 the numbers converged. At that time the same number of businesses were started, as there were businesses closed.)

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