EMPLOYERS & 5 Things Your Employees Are Afraid to Ask You

“You don’t want to answer them–but you have to. If you don’t, you’ll put your company in jeopardy.”
by Laura Garnett, Inc. Magazine, 4/9/14

Excerpts include:

“Do you see me as a long-term part of the success of this business?”

Manager dialogue: Share your vision of the company along with your vision of where you see this employee fitting into that vision. If, however, you don’t see the person as part of your vision, you should share this as well and why. Maybe it’s because the person is the best at what he or she does and you see the person doing that in a variety of business arenas, rather than just yours. Either way, addressing this question opens the door to a motivational conversation that engages the employee in a meaningful way about the company’s future and the employee’s.

“Can I work from home–or anywhere else I want–as long as I am achieving great results?”

Manager dialogue: If this employee’s role allows the flexibility to work remotely, why not trust the person to create a specific work schedule. If you are feeling tentative about it, allow him or her to work remotely for a short period of time as a test and have the person track the results and present back the findings.

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