TACTICAL OR STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP & Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker?

Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker?
by Erin Meyer, Harvard Business Review

What you see in this picture can tell you if you are a holistic (strategic) or specific (tactical) thinker:

FIGURE STO Fish http-:blogs.hbr.org:2014:04:are-you-a-holistic-or-a-specific-thinker

“Psychologists Richard E. Nisbett and Takahiko Masuda wrote about this cultural difference in a famous study. As an experiment they presented 20-second animated videos of underwater scenes to Japanese and American participants. Afterward, participants were asked what they had seen… While the Americans mentioned larger, faster-moving, brightly-colored objects in the foreground (such as the big fish), the Japanese spoke more about what was going on in the background (for example, the small frog bottom left). The Japanese also talked twice as often as the Americans about the interdependencies between the objects up front and the objects in the background.”

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