METAPHOR & Telling a Story

Best Advice: Tell Me A Story

by David Edelman, LinkedIn Influencers, February 25, 2014

“Eighteen years ago, as a younger consultant, I took a presence training course with The Actor’s Institute (Now called TAI Resources), run by Allan Schoer and Twyla Thomson. In my first session, Twyla had me sit on the floor, cross-legged, and start telling the other two people in the room a bedtime story that I might share with my kids. Then when she clapped, I was to switch to a business speech.

Her key point was that it is the STORY that matters. People remember stories, not lists. If you want to connect, have influence, be memorable, it takes stories. … Storytelling is one of the most under-rated skills in business. But it is vital getting a point across. It can have data behind it. It can set up a framework for decisions. It can do many of the things that business people think they need to rely on PowerPoint bullet points for. But it does so in a way that makes the implications real and relatable. And that makes you a better, more credible advisor.”