FAMILIES & 10 Pop Stars You May Not Have Known Were Pastor’s Kids

by Relevant Magazine

“There are a lot of different stereotypes about PK’s—some more fair than others—but maybe the safest thing you can say about being a PK is that it sets you up with some expectations. Every Sunday morning, you’re on a stage (sometimes literally), with members of the congregation going through a mental checklist of how you do or don’t fit in with their preconceived notions of what the son/daughter of a preacher man ought to be like.

There’s no blueprint for what becomes of PK’s. Some of them go on to become pastors themselves. Some of them hightail it out of vocational ministry fast as possible. And some of them, well, some of them go on to be stars. Here are a few of them… http://www.relevantmagazine.com/culture/music/recommends/2014-03-07#JtHCkItPWgeeMrhD.99