PREVENIENT GRACE & How the Missio Dei Relates to It

4 Ways Prevenient Grace Relates to the Missio Dei, by , February 27, 2014, via @OfficialSeedbed

The Missio Dei as expressed in the current “missional” conversation: To re-discover that God is at work (and has been at work all along) reshapes our understanding of both individual and corporate purpose—our calling and our ecclesiology. “It’s not that the church has a mission, but rather that the mission has a church. We join Jesus on His mission.” (Ed Stetzer, paraphrasing Moltmann)

This realization of God “already at work” tends to expand my limited understanding of prevenient grace. (John Wesley did not invent prevenient grace, by the way. God had already injected it into the realm of ideas. There is a great irony here if you’re willing to dig for it).  Considering prevenience and mission as intertwined and inseparable brings four implications to mind:

  1. From Initiating to Noticing
  2. From Aspiration to Revelation
  3. From Persuasion to Partnership
  4. From Assimilating to Sending

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